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Bodycult is a Dutch chain of professional Tattoo and Piercing studios. Currently we have two studios in the center of Amsterdam, one in the center of Utrecht and one in the center of Den Haag. For the last twelve years, Bodycult has been trying to change the public view on Tattoo and Piercing. Due to our high standard levels of hygiene, quality and appearance every customer can feel at ease.

The goal of this website is to give you a preview of our professionalism and hopefully inspire you for your next Tattoo or Piercing. For more general information about Bodycult, please see our information page.


Getting a Tattoo is an important decision. Here at Bodycult you will be helped by experienced artists, who realize what this means. They will assist and advice you every step, from the designing part until the actual Tattoo process.

Tv 2000

It is no longer necessary to search through dozens of books to find a Tattoo or some inspiration, Bodycult has designed a unique and revolutionary computer system named Tattoo View 2000, this system enables you to access thousands of indexed Tattoo images.


Whether you are looking for a simple Piercing in your ear, stretching, implant or a much more intimate Piercing, here at Bodycult we can help you. All our Piercers are professionally trained according to health department standards.


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